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10 Habits of Most Successful Designers

Are you smart enough to be on top with your magnificent design skills or still struggling to be there? If second is the case, some minor actions may take you there. Yes, you can instill them in yourself as your routine habits. Well, there are so many but I’ve bunched a few below.


1. Achievement of the day, no matter big or small

Spend enough time in visualizing each morning while you are in shower. Be grateful for you’re able to design for living.  Think about your dreams, goals of the day, a critical project, new ideas, facebook status update but make sure you respond to your wife’s call for breakfast. If you don’t, do not blame me for suggesting you to get lost in.


2. Take Intervals

Make sure you take decent intervals to stay inspired. Go to a hill station, desert, sea or overseas, if your pocket allows. It will unplug you from a human made world and connect with nature. Your closer look to it will unfold and enhance your creativity.


3. Learn from your failure

Take your failure as granted and turn it as a lesson leading towards success. Otherwise, it might take place as a true failure if you accept it as it is. Sshhhh… having said that, never pose this as success in front of your seniors.


4. Learn to be a giver

As a designer, you have traveled far away till here.  Donate some time to teach and share tips with your juniors. Trust me it will come back to you in many ways. One way, I tell you, is that a hidden trainer inside you will come out as rapidly as the belly of fast food eater.


5. Seduce and be introduced

Don’t simply click-away after reading an informational blog. Comment, interact, get involved, seduce other designers with your design experience and be introduced.


6. Make sure your creative life continues after 5pm

Get creative with car you drive home, food you cook, dress you wear and the language you speak.


7. Don’t rest, get out of your comfort zone!

That’s where your fun starts.  Ever you heard sleeplessness and a lot of coffee boosts up your creativity? Damn true.


8. Embrace healthy criticism

Feedback is an essential part of a good design. No matter how smart you are as a designer, embracing criticism will always open new doors to ideas. Remain open and welcome it by knowledgeable outsiders to put you in right direction.  In fact, they are helping you to think about what’s missed in the design.


9. Its Ok to be workaholic

Doesn’t it sound good you’re a WORKAHOLIC at a job you love?  Though you got to go home, but C’mon, is it not like you love someone the most and spend unlimited time with him or her, so what’s wrong if it declares you LOVE-A-HOLIC?


10. Find a nice cool place…Live there!

If it’s me, I always wanted to be at top.  Ahemahemmm…I mean the Monal Restaurant Islamabad located at top of Margalla Hills. What an amazing coolness it provides to a human eye. Being at your favorite place in the city ignites your creativity.


What I missed in the points above?

Please share your thoughts below by adding those points. I thank you very much for giving it a read.


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